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Hipmob - Hipchat Integration


Hipmob provides hosted live chat for mobile applications. You sign up with us, we give you a code, you download our library, you integrate it into your app, and you can then talk to your users, figure out what they want and what problems they are having, and make them happy. No servers, no extra steps or code to write, wherever the users are, you get to focus on what you do well. This document covers integrating Hipmob with your Hipchat account.

Integration Screen

Visit the Integrations page in your Hipmob account: you can get to it from the profile icon in the top right of the Hipmob window.

Figure 1: Visit the Integrations page

Once there, click the Configure button to open the Hipchat integration screen. If you've not configured it yet, the button will be gray.

Figure 2: the Hipchat configure button

The configuration screen will show: we walk you through getting the information you need from your Hipchat account below. You will need a Hipchat API token and the room you'd like the notices to appear in.

Figure 3: the Hipchat integration screen

Hipchat Details

Log into your Hipchat account and select the Group Admin tab in the top of the window.

Figure 4: selecting the Hipchat group admin

Click on the API link in the lower tab bar.

Figure 5: selecting the API tab

You'll see the API token (blacked out in Figure 7 below): save this for your configuration later.

Figure 6: getting the API token

Choose a room: below, we opened up the web app and selected a room. You now have everything you need!

Figure 7: selecting a room

Saving the Configuration

Go back to the Hipchat integration window in your Hipmob account and enter the information. Make sure you check the Enabled checkbox. Click Save.

Figure 8: completed Hipchat configuration

The Hipchat button will turn green once the configuration is complete.

Figure 9: integrations page with Hipchat integration enabled


And you're done! Now, when a user in your apps or on your website starts to chat with you, a notification will be sent to the Hipchat room, with a URL (as shown below).

Figure 10: notification that a chat window was opened

Click on the URL, and you'll be taken to a Hipmob chat window (as shown below) from where you can chat with your user. Remember, you have to be logged into your Hipmob account in the browser, in order to chat with the user.

Figure 11: Talk to your users from the Hipmob Chat Admin

Use Hipchat Login Status

Once you've got Hipmob integrated with your Hipchat organization, you can use your Hipchat login status to control your Hipmob availability: once you're logged into Hipchat Hipmob will know you're available and ready to take chats, and once you log out of Hipchat Hipmob will know you're gone. To set this up, click on the user availability button in the top bar as shown in figure 12 below.

Figure 12: user availability button

You'll get a popup with the options available to you. On paid plans, you can click on the Use Hipchat Login Status as shown in Figure 13 below. You'll be prompted to enter your Hipchat account's email address.
NOTE This requires that you have the Hipchat integration configured with a Hipchat API token for your Hipchat organization, and that the Hipchat account email address you enter be a part of the same organization. Please see below for more information on the Hipchat API token.

Figure 13: enter your Hipchat account's email address

Once you click Update we'll automatically start checking your Hipchat availability once a minute: if you log in to Hipchat we'll automatically mark you as online and available to chat, and once you log out of Hipchat we'll mark you as offline. The user availability button will update to indicate you are using your Hipchat login status, as shown in Figure 14 below.

Figure 14: succssfully activated enter your Hipchat account's email address

VERY IMPORTANT For this to work you must already have the Hipchat integration successfully configured. In addition, you MUST use a Hipchat admin API token, NOT a regular notifications token as shown in Figure 15 below.
IMPORTANT To prevent overloading the Hipchat API, we only check your Hipchat status once every 60 seconds: it may take up to a minute after you login to Hipchat before your Hipmob availability status updates to indicate you are available.
IMPORTANT After you log out of Hipchat, there is a delay of up to 3 minutes before the Hipchat status returned by the API reflects that you are gone: this means it may take up to 3 minutes before your Hipmob availability updates to indicate you are away.

Figure 15: using a Hipchat admin API token