B UserVoice + Hipmob - turn Hipmob chats into UserVoice tickets

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UserVoice + Hipmob - turn Hipmob chats into UserVoice tickets


Hipmob provides hosted live chat for mobile applications. You sign up with us, we give you a code, you download our library, you integrate it into your app, and you can then talk to your users, figure out what they want and what problems they are having, and make them happy. No servers, no extra steps or code to write, wherever the users are, you get to focus on what you do well. This document covers integrating Hipmob with your UserVoice account.

UserVoice Setup

Hipmob integrates with Uservoice, to create tickets in your Uservoice account directly after you've chatted with a mobile user or customer. You can automatically turn every conversation into a UserVoice ticket, or you can enable your operators to choose which conversations become tickets. To get started, log into your Uservoice account. It will typically be <companyname>.uservoice.com (for example: for Hipmob, it would be hipmob.uservoice.com). Under "Settings", select "Channels" (as shown below):

Figure 1: Open the Channels option in your UserVoice account

Scroll down on the "Channels" page, and select "Add API client" (as shown below):

Figure 2: Select Add API Client

In the Modal window (shown below), enter "Hipmob" as the name of the app, and select the checkbox labeled "Trusted?":

Figure 3: Complete the new API Client

Copy the Uservoice Key and the Uservoice secret (as shown below):

Figure 4: copy the UserVoice key and secret

Hipmob Integration

Open the Hipmob Integrations page, then scroll down to UserVoice, and select "Configure":

Figure 5: opening the Integrations page

Enter the following details into the appropriate fields (as shown below):
  1. In the first field: your UserVoice URL. This will typically be in the format <yourcompanyname>.uservoice.com
  2. In the second field: your UserVoice Key. You copied this in step 4.
  3. In the third field: your UserVoice Secret. You also copied this in step 4
  4. If you want every chat conversation to become a UserVoice ticket, then select the checkbox. Otherwise, operators can choose which conversations get sent to UserVoice by selecting "#uservoice" during chat conversations.

Figure 6: configuring the Hipmob UserVoice integration

And you're set!

Creating UserVoice tickets

Conversations will come into UserVoice with full context and transcript (as shown below), and you can reply directly to users from UserVoice! If it's a mobile chat, the user will see it next time the open the app (or they will get a push notification if you set one up) and if the user has entered an email address, they'll simply get an email reply.

Figure 7: a UserVoice ticket created from a Hipmob chat

If you enabled automatic submission then at the end of every conversation a CapsuleCRM person will be automatically created (if you did not manually create one with the #uservoice command).