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Hipmob - Wordpress Integration


Hipmob provides an SDK for real-time communication that can be used to provide live support to your users (via chat) or to build user-to-user chat or group chat into your mobile or web app; it's as simple as downloading our libraries (for iOS, Android and the web), integrating them into your apps with an app key we provide and then your app has real-time communications (so you can talk to users or they can talk to each other). No server setup or code to write, just real time communication that scales with you: talk with your users, make them happy. This document covers integrating Hipmob with your Wordpress site using the Hipmob Wordpress plugin.
If you're already fully up to speed on Wordpress plugins, you can get the plugin from right now, or search for Hipmob in your Wordpress installation's Install Plugins page.
Download the plugin or Get it now from the Wordpress plugin directory.


Installing our HTML5 chat widget lets you integrate Hipmob into your existing Wordpress site or blog: you can now reach out to your customers, watch them in real time as they visit different pages in your site and send them messages. The same real-time customer communication tools can be used for mobile apps on Android and iOS, and also for your website. It made sense to plug into Wordpress, so here we are!

Adding Hipmob Chat

Log into your Wordpress site's admin interface, then go to the Plugins page. Click on the Add New button at the top to go to the Install Plugins page.

Figure 1: open the Plugins page

Once you are on the Install Plugins page, type Hipmob into the search box and then click the Search Plugins button.

Figure 2: Install plugins

Once the search returns you'll see the Hipmob plugin entry. Click the Install Now button.

Figure 3: Hipmob plugin listing

You'll be prompted to confirm the installation: click OK to complete the install.

Figure 4: Plugin installation confirmation

Once the plugin is installed, click the Activate Plugin button: this will activate the plugin and take you back to the Plugins page.

Figure 5: Plugin successfully installed

The plugin will be shown in the plugin list. Click the Settings link to fully configure the plugin.

Figure 6: Plugins page with Hipmob plugin entry

You'll need to copy the application ID from your Hipmob account: you'll find it on the Apps tab (after you've logged in) at

Figure 7: Hipmob application ID

Once you have the application ID, copy it into the Hipmob Application ID field in the plugin settings form. You can also configure a number of other settings to match your site theme and to position the tab. Once you're done click the Save Changes button. We also provide live help (using Hipmob of course) from this screen (the Help me with my Hipmob integration tab shown on the bottom of the page): this live chat tab will connect you with Hipmob customer support.

Figure 8: Hipmob plugin settings

And that's it! You can log into your Hipmob account to customize your live chat window: add greeting and away messages, canned responses and more! You will need to install an XMPP client to talk with your store visitors, but once you have that set up you will be ready to go.


You'll now see the Hipmob live chat tab on your Wordpress pages. You can use the [hipmob_disabled] and [hipmob_enabled] short codes to override the global settings: this gives you complete control over which pages show the chat tab.

Figure 9: the Hipmob live chat tab