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Hipmob Shopify


Hipmob provides tools for real-time communication that can be used to provide live support to your users (via chat) or to build user-to-user chat or group chat into your mobile or web app; it's as simple as downloading our libraries (for iOS, Android and the web), integrating them into your apps with an app key we provide and then your app has real-time communications (so you can talk to users or they can talk to each other). No server setup or code to write, just real time communication that scales with you: talk with your users, make them happy. This document covers integrating Hipmob with your Shopify store using the Hipmob shopify app.
Install Hipmob Chat into your Shopify store right now by visiting the Hipmob Chat Shopify app page at right now.
Install the Shopify app


Adding Hipmob Chat

Visit the Hipmob Chat Shopify app's page at to get started. Once there, click on the Install App button at the top to start.

Figure 1: the Hipmob Chat Shopify app page

Shopify will prompt you to enter your store URL.

Figure 2: enter store URL to install the app

If you are not logged into your store's management site, you'll be prompted to login.

Figure 3: login to store management page to approve installation

Once you're logged in, you'll be asked to approve the installation. Click the Install button to approve.

Figure 4: approve installation

You will then be redirected to Hipmob to obtain a free Hipmob account. If you already have an account, log in with your account. Otherwise, enter a username and password and click the Register button.

Figure 5: Hipmob account registration

When you register a new Hipmob application is automatically created for you. You will then be prompted to pick the Hipmob application you want to connect this store to (this allows you to use a single Hipmob account with multiple stores). Select the Hipmob application from the drop down (or accept the default selection) and click the Connect button. Once you have connected you can edit the name of the application by clicking on the Settings button in the application row.

Figure 6: connect your store to a Hipmob application

The connection will be confirmed and the Shopify settings for the Hipmob application will be displayed. This will let you adjust the title of the chat widget, position the chat tab along the bottom or top of your store and control a number of other settings including width and height of the chat window. Click the Update button once you've adjusted the settings to your liking.

Figure 7: Shopify connection settings

You can click on the view your shop link to see the shop reloaded with the chat widget added.

Figure 8: the chat widget added to the store

And that's it. You will need to install an XMPP client to talk with your store visitors, but once you have that set up you will be ready to go.



Whenever a visitor arrives at your shop's website, they can now open the chat widget and ask you questions. You can reply with the information they need, and even send them clickable links.

Figure 9: a visitor to your store

They can then click on the links you send them and buy more!

Figure 10: buy more!

In your chat client, you will receive updates as they navigate around your store.

Figure 11: visitor navigation updates